Our Mission  

The AWAOA motivates, inspires, and educates aspiring and seasoned writers. We offer workshops, conferences, critiquing services, writing groups, contests and awards to encourage the artistic expression of creative writing in nonfiction, fiction, poetry and drama.


Common Questions

I have not published a book yet. Do I belong in AWAOA?

Yes, AWAOA is an association which locally and nationally promotes the writing journey of those who desire to be first time authors. We understand the aspiring writer needs motivation, support and education to wade through the murky waters. AWAOA offers just the light needed to shorten the learning curve. It also helps to have the support of other writers such as yourself.

I have already self-published. Do I belong in AWAOA?

Yes, AWAOA offers resources and information to self-published authors. We offer tutorials with experts specializing in helping the self-published author’s motivation as they maneuver through their journey. Also, most self-published authors continue to write and grow in their craft-you definitely belong.

I am not like anyone here. I only have ideas in my head and have not written anything. Do I belong in AWAOA?

Yes, AWAOA is the environment and just the place for people who have book ideas. There is something about the atmosphere of the Aspiring Writers Association of America that inspires creativity and writing. Ideas soon become words written with life, purpose, and fun.

AWAOA hosts weekly, instructional meetings. These meetings are offered to further develop the writer and author to grow in their craft. Can’t make a meeting? Members are privy to every recorded meeting.

Invest in your writing journey and join today!